From Copenhagen to the world: meet Denmark’s most exciting chef

Jan 10, 2019

Danish chef Jakob Mielcke combines local produce with a global outlook at his restaurant in Copenhagen

Since the early 2000s, New Nordic Cuisine has gripped the imaginations of food lovers globally, with restaurants such as Noma, Relae and Geranium regularly topping ‘world’s best restaurants’ lists. The ethos is simple: focus on local, seasonal ingredients and revive old techniques (such as curing, fermenting and pickling) in a way that’s both fresh and modern.

But there’s a new wave of Scandinavian chefs evolving a style that goes beyond New Nordic, adapting to influences from further afield. Among them is Jakob Mielcke, the executive chef of Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, an ethereal restaurant in the gardens of the Royal Danish Horticultural Society in Copenhagen.

Words Anastasia Bernhardt
Photography Jan-Peter Westermann                                                                                                                                

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