Arper is a leading Italian company that creates chairs, tables, and furnishings for community, workplace, and home. Arper was founded in 1989 as an evolution of a leather artisan enterprise launched by the Feltrin family. The DNA of the brand, which approaches design as a means of action and communication, expresses itself through a special focus on color and system flexibility, in a constant dialogue between form and function. And we explore design to improve the relationships between people and the spaces in which they live.


Arper believes that their products will be successful if those who use them feel comfortable. Our work is in the service of the relationship between person and object. We serve this relationship, but do so without betraying ourselves, our essence, and our nature. Is an object as elemental as a chair or a table still subject to insight or innovation? After eons of development, is there still something to be done? We say: Absolutely. Everything is in flux – life, culture, technology – and that basic fact demands a considered response. Good design is a synthesis of technique, cost, material, function, use, taste, and sustainability.


The stemming idea for each of Arper’s products is that the world it designs is the one they wish to live in. This is only possible if environmental impact is limited. Since 2007 Arper has been applying the Life Cycle Assessment for some of its collections. The aim is to examine every step of production, from when materials are chosen, till the pieces are manufactured; from transport to use, up until the possible disposal. The underlying concept of this sensitivity is reflected also in the design and in the principle that a “well done” product is one with a longer life, that keeps unmodified its quality over the years and which design stays cutting edge!


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