At Astep, we embrace the new while maintaining the utmost reverence for what has been. Astep is a forward-thinking company that builds on the legacies left by two major entrepreneurs: Allessandro’s father, Riccardo Sarfatti, and his grandfather, Gino Sarfatti. Allessandro Sarfatti’s goal with the Astep brand is to create home products that carve out a more pronounced place for digital technology. The meaning of the company’s name, Astep, indicates the necessary motion of a never-ending journey of evolution. It points to a move towards the creation of something that is better, more substantial, and more worthwhile. This exciting maker represents an admiration for timeless inventions: objects that retain their edge and their capacity to affect our lives, advancing the manner in which we live. Timeless Inventions1951/2017, Astep strives to explore new possibilities to advance the relationship between people and their homes, respecting the meaning of evolution in design. By creating and curating meaningful design objects, Astep honors the vivid tradition of Italian design by focusing on creating the New while continuing the life of timeless works that were born from the same forward-thinking attitude and maintain a capacity to affect and enlighten our lives today. To be innovative, one must understand and respect tradition. We combine the experience, knowledge, and future-oriented outlook, that has been nurtured in the Sarfatti family for three generations, with the newest technology and likeminded, visionary designers of the present.