Christopher Boots 


Christopher’s handmade work—including lights, furniture, and objects—explores the architecture and geometry of organic shapes, and is often inspired by forms found in plants, animals, and minerals. Christopher’s Greek heritage is reflected in the fusion of natural and classical, with mythology a core concept driving his work.

Melbourne-based lighting designer Christopher Boots is primarily influenced by the mineral world, which means he is constantly surrounded by hundreds of colorful rocks in his home and studio. He believes that raw materials are a vehicle for transformation and that his favourite, quartz crystal, represents the beauty of geological time, both key hallmarks in his designs.

All works are handmade with love and care by artisans, with a diverse team of skilled artisans. Collaborations with glass blowers, coppersmiths, ceramicists, sculptors, and bronze casters, ensures a commitment to quality and underscores an investigative sensibility, giving birth to an aesthetic often unexpected. With every project Christopher Boots seeks to elevate and transform his materials in a way that highlights their natural beauty.

Whether for a private residence, luxury hotel, museum or public space, the work of Christopher Boots accents and complements the dramatic experience of extraordinarily designed spaces.


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