Living Divani 

Perfect, harmonious proportions and a feeling of understated luxury


Living Divani was born towards the end of the 60s at Anzano del Parco, one of luxury Italian furniture brand. The company has followed a clear path, maintaining an intensive dialogue with the contemporary world, and becoming one of the landmarks in the design landscape. Perfect, harmonious proportions and a feeling of understated luxury: these are the distinguishing features of Living Divani, the dynamic and vibrant family-owned company, that has made its trademark of upholstery.

Living Divani’s artistic direction is securely in the hands of the star of international design that is Piero Lissoni, who moved the first steps of his prolific career at this very company. It is him who coordinates and harmonizes the style of the many top designers who compose the Living Divani catalogue, with names such as Arik Levy, Shiro Kuramata, Victor Carrasco, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Gabriele & Oscar Buratti and Nathan Yong.

Over the years Living Divani has developed a vast and varied offer in a gradual process of creation of a complete living environment, which revolves around the upholstery system, with its subtle shapes and proportions, to combine with characterful complements – seats, armchairs, beds, tables, bookcases and carpets and an outdoor collection – that will suit and define any setting, from the essential and rigorous to the multifarious and eclectic décor.



The products included in the Living Divani’s collection are the result of the perfect balance between craft skills, manual expertise, and technical innovation. Experience gained over the years, positive externalities within the design district and a privileged relationship with shapes and materials let the company perfectly manage the complexities of each creation, in a process of constant dialogue among the different production phases.



Essential silhouettes and bespoke spirit define the Living Divani collection. Natural materials such as hide, leather and rope skillfully interwoven or quilted, are combined with fabrics featuring amazing optical effects and a refined character.


Material Lists



Leather is Living Divani’s favourite material; the perfect finish that adds value to the impeccable shape of its creations. The brand uses only leather of the highest quality, chosen for its softness and elasticity, which added the natural characteristics of the material.




Its strong monolithic presence suits perfectly the minimal style of Living Divani collections. Concrete is an extremely versatile material with an urban look. Every production technology used for this specific finishing requires a carefully handcrafted attention and each piece is entirely made and finished by hand




Fundamental component of the Living Divani’s idea of comfort, the padding are made of polyurethane in different density and compositions, to ensure optimal ergonomics. Resistance to wear and to natural substances is an intrinsic feature of the polyurethane, guaranteeing durability and a long lifetime for the padded products.




With its veins and colours, its feel and visual impact, marble is the most noble stone. A metamorphic rock that following the recrystallization of its original mineral structure results in rocks completely different from the original. Living Divani has chosen two: White Carrara marble and Black Marquinia marble.