Lumina lamps are iconic: they spring from our work ethic and are faithful representations of our production capability.

State-of-the-art technologies enable us to achieve optimum synthesis between form and function. Our products are pure and simple. We make them for the wellbeing of all living beings.


“Our lamps are iconic, like our work ethic and our craft. By exploiting the latest production technologies, we unite form and function to achieve a pure and simple result. For the wellbeing of our customers”.



Lumina’s passion is to develop products that are long lasting and in which from and function merge in profound synergy. Essential lamps, lightweight in structure but “heavyweight” in terms of engineering. Products inspired by technology to take manufacturing techniques to new levels whilst remaining true to the character of the materials used.



One feature is common to all Lumina lamps: a pure and simple profile, because it is in the essential that we find a concentration of functionality and beauty.
Form is manifested directly, with simplicity.