Nerosicilia presents five lava stone surfaces reflecting the techno-physical potential of the material itself. Nature itself confers to the lava different “appearances” and nerosicilia wished to interpret them. The source of inspiration is the very own fire from the volcano.

Depending on where the magma is coming from, it gives life to different properties which are reflected in the material hence determining the surface. By tracking back the process of fusion of the material hidden behind an inventory of formulas, fusion curves, ages, temperatures and other “alchemies”, nerosicilia is returning to us the lava stone from the Etna in its different “appearances”: laNera, laRoccia, the enneUno, the enneDue and the enneTre; without forgetting the natural lava stone, laGrigia, as it is traditionally worked using various mechanical finishes (honed, polished, bush-hammered, sandblasted).

The nerosicilia’s colours and the patterns are made entirely with the use of glass obtained by recycling of TV and PC monitor desused. Through an exclusive machining process, nerosicilia obtains, from the glass crushing and grinding, the raw material of each of its decor, including coloring to full field of its surfaces in lava.