Moving among Promemoria creations one has the feeling of being in front of something that transcends the categories of design and luxury. Promemoria is a factory where dreams are transformed into luxury artisan furniture: couture clothing, the divans, wardrobes, the chairs, and tables. The entrepreneurial and manufacturing nature have found a rare synthesis. The brand has become global, all the while maintaining its dedication to traditional techniques combined with attention to details and use of high-quality materials.

Promemoria never has a moment of break; it is constantly evolving. A multifaceted production reality that grew over time, bringing together all the stages of processing: from the research of materials to the study of finishes, from fine craftsmanship – leather goods, upholstery, engraving – to high-tech processing – lighting and design.

To its cultured and demanding public, Promemoria lends great value to encouraging the appreciation of the history of the objects, beyond their intrinsic value. Every piece is handmade, of limited edition and often made to measure. Every piece undergoes a severe process of quality control to certify its excellence.


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