S. Anselmo 


Anselno is an Italian brand that was established by De Checchi family. For five generations, tradition and innovation have been mixing perfectly just like the main ingredients of S. Anselmo bricks and terracotta products.

In the one hundred years of our business’ history, we have improved our techniques to deliver high-quality solutions suitable to any creative inspiration. The company mastered the production of facing bricks, achieving the highest levels in the market for terracotta both in Italy and overseas. Made in Italy can be admired all over the world thanks to some of the outstanding projects in which S.Anselmo took part.

Among the core values at S.Anselmo, we count the love and respect of nature and the attention to the quality of life. We are extremely proud of our commitment to the environment, which can be summed up by the expression “Legacy of Green”. Our products are sustainable, ecological, and environmentally compatible, as they do not contain materials that release VOCs (hazardous volatile organic compounds) after their installation.

The concept behind the project is to build a place where the three core values of S.Anselmo can meet: innovation, flexibility and hospitality.