USM was founded in 1885 as a metalworking and locksmith’s business by Ulrich Schaerer. USM furniture systems are manufactured for contemporary living and working environments. USM modular furniture is designed to accompany us through different phases of life. It adjusts to new demands, ready to take up different functions in our home and workplace – a constant in our ever-shifting lives. Furniture for a lifetime made with great care in Switzerland.

We use only the finest materials and we employ the best-trained and most skilled craftsman, whose work is aided by cutting-edge robotic machinery. We constantly refine our processes to ensure an ever-increasing sophistication in our products.

The traditional individual workstation has become one of many. The contemporary office world is open: modifiable arrangements are more and more essential for meeting today’s requirements of constant communication, well-being and flexibility in thinking, acting and collaborating. These times perfectly suit USM. Modularity, versatility, and quality have always been associated with USM: our wide range of modular elements, of adaptable office furniture, helps you design a workspace that conforms exactly to your coworker’s individual needs and the overall demands of your company – creating a setting where you, your employees and teams feel comfortable and empowered to tap their full creative potential.  


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