Kasthall Design Studio, is about transforming a clients vision to a perfect design solution. We offer the possibility to create a completely customized solution, whether it’s a complex textile tapestry, an unconventional shape or simply a perfectly matched colour. Since all Kasthall rugs are custom-made, our clients have the freedom to choose whatever size, colour and pattern suits them best. The Design Studio is a marriage between our design skills and our technical expertise, two disciplines necessary to achieve the perfect unique rug.

Since 1889, Kasthall´s factory in Kinna, West Sweden, has created rugs in finest material with unique craftmanship and always challenged with design och innovation. Each woven and hand tufted rug is made to order and created with the most sensitive touch. With our expertise in how the natural materials perform, alone or together, each rug is unique and like no other. Every time we finish a rug, it receives a leather label hand-signed by the weaver or tufter after its quality has been checked to the very last thread.

Everything we do, we always do with greatest respect to our environment and with minimum impact.
The easy accessible and web based design tool Rug Designer guides you through the process and makes sure that any design you create within Kasthall Design System can be made on the weaving looms in our factory in Sweden