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Overgaard & Dyrman

Jasper Overgaard, 33, Danish. Holds a Master of Fine Arts in Furniture and Spatial Design from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Aalborg University.Creative Director, designer, maker and co-founder of Danish furniture label Overgaard & Dyrman (O&D).Roskilde (outside Copenhagen, Denmark) I’m in charge of our creative workshop in the eastern part of Denmark. My partner in O&D, Christian Dyrman, and our main workshop is based in the other end of Denmark near Aalborg, where our manufacturing facilities are located.Dedicated. I see myself as half part designer and creative director, and half part craftsman. When talking about craft skills my primarily strength is within leatherwork.My hands are the most important ones. All our craft tools are extremely essential in the development of new designs, but also 3D computer programs such as Rhino and Inventor is of great importance to us.When you decide to make the kind of furniture we do, it’s important to see the whole world as your market. It would never be possible for us to base our business on Denmark or Scandinavian alone, so it’s really important for us to stay connected to the rest of the world via web, social media etc. Furthermore, my partner and co-founder of the company is located 400 km from my office, so we are in daily contact over the phone. Therefore my laptop and my Iphone 6 (I also use the camera a lot) are my trusty followers almost no matter where I am – I’m not proud of that, and I would never say that they are essential to my live, but they are indeed essential to my job.