Love of detail. Passion. Creativity. Promemoria has antique roots. 
The adventure began in the 19th century in a village on the shores of lake Como, where the Sozzi family ran a business restoring and repairing carriages for the local aristocracy. A specialised business. Elitist. It was here among the fragrances of wood that the craftsman skill began to take shape. A know-how which continued through the next four generations and which, at the end of the eighties became Promemoria: a world of highly skilled cabinet making, designed by Romeo Sozzi.
In time, a complex manufacturing unit developed which brought together all the various phases of working; from the search for materials to the study of finishings which today is the undisputed pinnacle of décor excellence and gem among Italian and European artisans. The world of Promemoria promotes high cultural values among a demanding and knowledgeable public, and encourages appreciation of the history of things as well as their intrinsic quality.

As with haute couture garments, the Promemoria sofas, fabric wardrobes, chairs and tables are objects not only to look at, but also to caress, to smell and even to listen to as they harmonise with woods, glass and metals. Every piece is hand made. Often made to measure and in limited edition. The degree of excellence is certified by severe quality checks. 

Attention to detail is matched with the use of exclusive materials. National or exotic wood essences, from Tuscan cypress to “macassar” ebony or sucupira; surveyed, matured and elaborated to the final emotion. The touch and the smell of the surfaces merge in an unrepeatable syntax of suggestion. Then the colours; vibrations of secret spells, shades and combinations, almost tactile as well as visual. They even emit fragrance. The fabrics? Silk, linen, cashmere …. the farandola of noble fibres, promptly reinvented. A unique microcosm, that of aristocratic metals, from bronze to silver and copper often to be found alongside Murano glass or Italian made porcelain to create handles, lampshades, or an extraordinarily fine dining service.

Even if the particular esprit of Romeo Sozzi pervades the general headquarters at Valmadrera, he has at the same time been able to inject into the organisation an equally perceivable presence of the new generation throughout the manufacturing process. It is the three sons, Stefano (choice of woods and construction), Davide (project design) and Paolo (research and general management) who while working alongside their father, have acquired more and more responsibility and are today developing an ever more complex manufacturing reality. 
Starting from the historic Milan showroom, the brand has become global, and Promemoria is now present at exclusive addresses in the world’s major cities: Paris, London, Moscow and New York.