Flos with Sarfatti

Flos with Sarfatti
April 2017

‘In late 1973, my grandfather Gino Sarfatti sold his company, Arteluce, to Flos, a company renowned for artisanal lighting by the most influential designers of our times. Now, Flos and I have joined forces in selecting and reviving some of the Gino Sarfatti masterpieces that have fallen out of attention over the years, but seem more relevant and essential than ever.’ – Alessandro Sarfatti, founder of Astep

Relighting masterpieces

In 2013, Flos introduced the ‘Re-lighting Gino Sarfatti’ collection, a re-issue of five carefully selected Gino Sarfatti luminaires with cutting-edge LED technology. In continuation of Gino Sarfatti´s dedication to innovation, the Re-lighting collection brings the luminaires into the present day without detracting anything from the original sophisticated designs.

Reuniting the legacy

The luminaire collection has now been reunited with the Sarfatti family in an extraordinary collaboration between Flos and Astep, two companies and families dedicated to consolidating the legacy, quality and pertinence of Italian design.

Under the name ‘Flos with Sarfatti’, the two companies will continue to explore and reintroduce the work of Gino Sarfatti, adding the iconic Model 2065, which was relaunched by Astep in 2016, to the collection in a consolidation of the collaboration.

‘Flos with Sarfatti’ is an exquisite collection of luminaires, designed by Gino Sarfatti. A tribute to the grand lighting master who designed over 600 lamps between 1939 and 1973, continuously updating traditional typologies, inventing new functions for light and adopting the latest light sources from fluorescent tubes to the first halogens. Many of these designs appear exceptional contemporary in terms of form, aesthetics and the relationship they establish with the people in the room, emphasizing Gino Sarfatti as one of the greatest Italian lighting designers.

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