‘Knoll is Modern Always because modern is always works’

Knoll has been in a design industry since 1938, which brands and clients work together to create an inspired modern interior. Sharing experience through a constellation of design, people, products and brands are Knoll’s strength. Composing a harmonious relationship between function and aesthetic makes Knoll difference from the others. ‘Knoll is Modern Always because modern is always works’ reflects their commitment to modern design that meets the diverse requirements of high performance workplaces and luxury interiors.

Hans and Florence Knoll, the company founders, had started their career with Florence’s eye of proportion and command of the modern aesthetic and Hans’ business shrewdness. Florence frequently contributed her design to Knoll’s collection along with her colleagues; Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, and Mies van de Rohe. Later their standout pieces are widely revered and celebrated.

From Modernism to present, Knoll has been thinking about how people interact to the environment and how environment impact us. Also as a design-driven brands unite legacy and innovation together to create a modern interior space which channeled a blurred boundary of workplace and home.

Credit : Knoll


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