New Porro 2018

An view from above enhancing the architectural imprinting of the featured space: this is the technique used for the new Porro 2018 advertising campaign.

Company raised on systems, Porro offers innovative solutions with a suggestive design for the day area. Modern, the flexible modular system of containers, is is chosen to design spaces with clear and precise lines in combination with Load-it steel shelves and back panels. Multifunctional and versatile equipped wall, System can perform the most diverse functions, from bookshelf to Hi-Fi TV holder, improving the efficiency and the aesthetic quality of a dynamic living environment.
The essential touch of Metallico table with thin aluminum top and legs is protagonist of the dining room, accompanied by 4 Neve chairs with rigorous but soft lines.
A space free from the constrictions of traditional domestic architecture, for an airy atmosphere with an industrial and contemporary charm.

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