Design Piero Lissoni + Porro research Centre
Resized in its thicknesses, expanded with new accessories and matched with Left, the new upside down T-shaped feet, the Modern system of containers displays its artistic aptitude giving life to free compositions that evoke Modernism in their play of asymmetries, in its filled spaces and voids and its unusual combinations of materials. The evolution of the traditional modular system generates extremely refined finished furnishings, new generation cupboards and compositions with hypercurated details such as the almost invisible hinge which is a Porro exclusive, silver-plated ring handles, new boxes and tray shelf tops in solid aluminum, along with the ability to realize marble tops or to customize impeccable lacquered containers with warm wooden interiors, and vice versa, alternating essences and colors.


Modern Display Case
To contain dishes, glasses and precious objects, a large Modern composition combines a wide upper glass display case with a long eucalyptus sideboard on 20 cm. high T-shaped feet, with sahara noir marble covering top and new silver-plated ring handles.

Modern Millerighe Caneté Cupboard
Porro’s research on materials and the unique taste in combining them generates the new Modern cupboard raised on a metallic foot, with black varnished aluminum tray top, doors in millerighe black stained caneté with a dense vertical stripe design, which yields an industrial product that appears as a unique, artisanal piece.


Modern Avorio Lacquered Cupboard
On the wall 2 twin Modern compositions raised on the new Left metal feet, place between the antique red varnished metal base and tray top a group of avorio lacquered elements with Canaletto walnut inside and new metal boxes in iron finish.


Modern Eucalyptus Cupboard
Raised on the new Left T-shaped metal feet, the new generation Modern cupboard encloses a freestanding cluster of eucalyptus boxes and special giallo mustard, rosso cina and blu reale varnished metal boxes between 2 solid aluminum tray shelves with special blue finish, in which even the voids become part of the compositional rhythm.


Modern + Load-it steel equipped wall
The Load-it bookshelf with steel shelves and wall panels acts as backdrop for a long low Modern sideboard in eucalyptus with T-shaped feet with a tray top in eucalyptus with blue reale lacquered inside, 2 hanging elements in eucalyptus with giallo mustard inside, and 3 display case elements in eucalyptus with transparent glass doors and enlightened shelves combined with blu reale inside.


Modern + Load-it millerighe caneté equipped wall
In the dining room, which can also be used as an office, the purity of the Materic table by Piero Lissoni is combined with a very dark graphical wall in which a Load-it bookshelf shows off new wall panels with a “millerighe caneté” ribbed finish, a dense striped texture that gives life to a vibrant, three dimensional surface interrupted by glossy black lacquered Modern hanging elements embellished by a sahara noir marble top.

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