Astro and Aura

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Designed by Marco Piva A natural element that changes its shape over time, a volume that molds, transforms and recomposes itself to find a definitive image, liquefied but solidified at the same time. The water conditions and its fluid image that describe the concept of Aura and Astro, the two new freestanding sinks designed by Marco Piva. Like an ice cube that slowly melts, an immaterial presence that contains, circumscribes and governs the strength of the purifying element. A rigorous and essential volume, softened by the translucency of Cristalmood, an absolute parallelepiped, devoid of any ornament, whose perfect geometrical shape is “carved out” by the force of the water which, drop by drop, generates the lowering of the Aura basin. The organic shape develops seamlessly as it does for natural phenomenon. The shape of the Astro basin is more decisive, almost a mold generated by a stone falling from above, by a powerful and concentrated force that “pushes” the material downwards according to an unprecedented geometry that becomes the stylistic code of the project.    
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