Carbon Frog
Woven armchair available for indoor and outdoor. Supporting frame in carbon ber obtained by aluminum molds, developed with tubular parts with a thickness ranging from 2 to 3mm, hand- shaped with multi-axial and unidirectional fabrics, overlapping orthogonally, and reinforced in the areas of greatest stress. The structure has undergone a polymerization cycle in an autoclave at high temperature at constant pressure to ensure structural rigidity and signi cantly lighten the weight. Finish with polished transparent or red paint. Woven with black or red at polyester cord. Seat depth 51-60cm. The supporting frame of the armchair Carbon Frog has undergone and passed test of: static loan / resistance, (EN 1728:2000), drop test (EN 12520:2010) and stability (EN 1022:2005), with issue of relative certi cate by CATAS®.
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