The design of the Cinétique light is as rigorous as the technical side, calling on an articulated counterbalance system which makes possible a multiplicity of positions and orientations of the light source. In actual fact this is just as much a floor lamp as a reading light, providing both general indirect lighting (by angling the shade towards a wall or ceiling) and directional light above a settee, reading armchair or table. Epoxy satin black lacquered steel tubing Ø 20 mm. Round steel base Ø 40 cm. Black textile cable. Black foot-operated switch/dimmer. Equipped with a 20 W LED module emitting 2,100 Lumens or the equivalent of a 150 W incandescent bulb. Colour temperature 300 K (warm white). The above-indicated dimensions correspond to those of the floor lamp when totally unfolded. The dimensions when fully folded are 120 x 40 x 160 cm. THIS LIGHT CONTAINS INTEGRAL LED LIGHTS OF ENERGY CLASS A+.
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