Ellips Table

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The Ellipse Table is a real sculpture born from the meeting of two volumes: the top and the base unit are two regular ellipsis in balance one on the other, testing a risky support on bent surfaces. Ellipse Table is a table with a strong and unique design, studied in a suitable proportion to each house, welcoming comfortable from 6 to 8 people. Made in Dulver®, Ellipse Table is an original and functional table for the living room and at the same time a furnishing for outdoors extremely robust and with sculptural proportions. Dulver® is a solid surface material, 100% recyclable. Characterised by a 0.97 Kg/dm3 specific weight, it exhibits a hard but a warm and velvet surface at the touch. Dulver is resistant to thermal shocks, water-proof and acid-resistant. It is complete non toxic, further enhancing its features as an ecologic material ideal for any domestic use.
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