Their Gallery cupboard is a clean and rational architectural space, traversed only by a horizontal cut between the two broad wooden wings that separate with a light touch. Sliding upwards and downwards, they reveal precious interiors highlighted by a luminous milk white background (optional and dimmable), articulated by drawers and shelves on which the dishes, silverware, most beautiful glasses, rare bottles, and prized whiskeys can be stored and organized in perfect order, awaiting significant occasions. Available in a hanging version or on a metal base iron finish, in two sizes 2400 x H. 1200 mm and 3000 x H. 1200 mm, Gallery fits into a space like an abstract painting, a very clean, almost invisible wall surface that, upon the arrival of guests, yields the stage to a sophisticated service vitrine in the dining room. The internal is available in all matt lacquered colors, the external structure and the sliding doors are available in all matt or glossy colors, and in all the woods of our collection.
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