Porro expands the sliding partition project developing the Glide system, which comes in different design solutions that can however be perfectly mixed and matched with one another. With their sleek yet materially rich design, Glide partitions are made up of large made-to-measure wings featuring an L-shaped metal profile that, painted in white, black, cuvée, moka or rosso antico, frames different transparent and non-transparent materials. Thanks to the upper rail, which leaves the floor intact for the sake of visual continuity, Glide sliding partitions flexibly offer different solutions to choose from or to combine together in eye-catching overlaps. Absolute material and design elegance dominates Glide Samurai with its tailored cut. It fits into the Glide sliding partition system with its own interpretation of space. Freely inspired by the Japanese home and as the result of a skilful and accurate craftsmanship project, it allows to combine different textures and shapes – both transparent and matt – in new ways, exploring delicate or bold combinations and creating spectacular windows and unexpected views inside the home.
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