The Kaufmann Table was originally designed for Finn Juhl’s own home, just like many other of his iconic designs. The table is in a league of its own with an unusually refined edge profile that gives the illusion that the table top is floating above the frame. Finn Juhl deliberately worked with a mix of wooden materials. A dark tabletop in walnut and a lighter frame in oak very clearly separates the carried and the carrying elements. The table’s many design details have both a practical and a visual function. The brass detail on the crossbar visually gives the table an exclusive look and at the same time protects the wood against dirt, if one would be tempted to rest one’s feet on it. The table is almost entirely crafted by hand and manufactured in oak with a veneered tabletop in walnut with solid edges. Since the table was never given a name by Finn Juhl himself, we decided to dedicate it to Finn Juhl’s lifelong friend, the former director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Edgar Kaufmann Jr., who “discovered” Finn Juhl and became instrumental in launching his international career.
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