Ontario Black walnut and Blackened steel

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Introducing Ontario Black walnut. Our Lausanne dentil-style finish introduced last year now has a fresh new cousin. A thoroughly modern take on the dentil style, almost a paneled look, Ontario Black walnut combines American walnut punctuated with deep grooves revealing a black core. American walnut is famous for its beauty and the new Ontario series shows off this rich, honey golden wood’s appeal with deep grooves and kerfs producing contrasting lines. Limitless design possibilities await including using as shown on the oven wall in the images above and below. Another first-in-industry finish is our new Blackened steel added to our already robust Unique luxury cabinetry collection. Typically reserved for structural members, the blackened steel is not stainless. Rather it is treated with an oil for corrosion resistance against rusting producing a rich dark slightly varied coloration and patina that naturally evolves over time on this natural material. Blackened steel can be selected for our Unique series of cabinetry, countertops, wall paneling and many other sophisticated solutions.  The finish is available in both 3mm and 5mm direct material applications.
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