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The high-end Italian furniture brand PROMEMORIA was founded in 1988, and is now sold in more than 60 countries around the world. Its contemporary yet classical designs have many fans. The beautiful furniture is created with “ the heart of production,” which the founder and main designer Romeo Sozzi follows from his grandfather, along with his artistic sense and attention to materials. The brand is also supported by his 3 sons, who take responsibility in design, management, and production. At this year’s Milano Salone, the brand presented a stunning dining table named Goffredo, using zebra wood; other new products using beautiful wood carefully selected from around the world and products using the bronze pulls they are known for were also introduced. The brand successfully presented variations in their material and their future design expansion ideas. The kitchen “Angelina” which has been on the market since 2006, did not change much in design, but added more material variations and brushed up its functions. Even the cutlery drawers are finished with leather, which represents the brand’s attention to detail. Angelina is an ultimate full made-to-order kitchen, without any material or unit restrictions. It has both function and attention to detail.
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