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Designed by Piero Lissoni + CRS For 2020/2021, the System bookshelf and equipped wall system changes its look through a new material and handcrafted design, i.e. the woven straw inserted on the back of the Grande Luce module. As a precious traditional material reinterpreted in a modern minimalist key, straw becomes officially part of the range of Porro materials and for the back panel of the System Grande Luce module it is available in 4 versions in 3 colours – black, sand and linen – for a total of 12 designs. The large System composition in eucalyptus wood combines an elegant and convenient base element with drawers with a long shelf on top, where you can place your TV set and various objects as you wish or sit comfortably on the optional quilted leather cushion, an empty space in the middle with a back panel covered in woven straw – featuring a delicate and non-invasive texture that perfectly matches wood – and the transparent glass elements with an iron frame above, perfect for displaying rich collections inside. The LED lighting creates a magical interplay of light and shadow, enhancing the impact of this small piece of home architecture.

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