Founded in 1925 in Brianza, Porro is an Italian brand that has manufactured furniture and accessories for almost a century, pursuing Made in Italy identity and elegance. The company immediately geared its production to high-quality finishes and materials, developing furniture characterized by refined lines and superior woodworking, respecting the Italian artisanal tradition. And culture of furniture as a family heritage, together with the principles that govern production – clean lines, regular forms, functionality, and luxury Italian style – have enabled Porro gradually to secure a large share of the international market.

Porro’s production is completed with ranges of closed and walk-in wardrobes, beds, bookcases, chairs, and tables as well as furnishing accessories that not only look good with Porro’s furniture, but also enhance any kind of interior setting, from the most simple and sober to the most eclectic and decorative. The most widely used materials are wood, crystal, glass, marble, and aluminum.

Thanks to a real tailoring approach to the project translated into a precious attention paid to tastes of its customers and to the capacity to manage different levels of customization. All based on firm principles of design and function, the ranges feature different, quality finishes, combinations of materials and colors, so each product may reflect the person who chose it. Porro managed in time to define its own style.


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