Canaletto Display Cabinet
Designed by Mauro Lipparini THE CONCEPT: This ensemble of display units could resemble a geometric spatial occupation challenge between the body of the chest which is at once solid and diaphanous, and the thin mesh which streamlines the perimeter of its flat surfaces and is seen as an extension of the carcase. A provocative note somewhere between the essential industrial Bauhaus elements and contemporary elegance is struck through metallic finishes. The colours, reflected evanescently by the striped glazed panels, fade progressively to the point of disappearance, producing optical abstractions. An impression of segmented, repetitively rhythmed geometric figures, emphasised by the lacquered surfaces and wood panels to the rear, appears poetically, like a curtain which discreetly heralds the interior. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: The CANALETTO collection of glazed units is a small but very singular range. The upper section is completely glazed, both front and sides, with a ridged glass with a widely-spaced linear pattern, an alternation of dips like peaks and troughs. This slim glass lets one see, or least guess at, the outlines of the objects held within, as the light plays across it. The glass of the doors is mounted flush with the smoked, brushed anodised aluminium frames, held in place by invisible glue beneath a bronze martingale. The lower shelves are in metal and are slim, lacquered and entirely rear-mounted, being attached to the back panels. The back panels are arranged between the shelves. They are either in dark walnut veneer, or lacquered. In such pieces as these, lighting considerably enriches their appearance and shows to best effect the outlines of objects behind the doors and sides.
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